What is RebelWallet

 Keep your asset safe and secure with the RebelWallet, a high secured platform to store your Rebel coins. Access your coins from anywhere whether you are on a desktop or your hand held device.

RebelCoin (RBL)

RebelCoin is a new store of value cryptocurrency coin that is similar to Bitcoin. We consider Bitcoin the gold standard of cryptocurrency and we built RebelCoin to be an option to protect you from current centralized financial downturns. We also are hoping to be a easy entry-point for new crypto users who missed out on Bitcoin when it launched. Like Bitcoin, RebelCoin symbol RBL has an finite supply of just 38,221,324 coins and halving every 6 months.

Built on Rebel Blockchain

All transactions are validated using the Proof of Work (POW) protocol offering secure and public transactions. The Rebel Blockchain is continually enhanced with new security features and decentralization.

Fast and Secure

While still being protected against 51% and double spend attacks, a new block is generated every 30 seconds. We are continuing to try to increase block speed while maintaining the highest level of security.


The Core Wallet

Download the Core Wallet below based on your system.


x64 Windows


x64 Mac OSX


x64 Linux Gnu

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